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Rough edit of footage shot with an FS100 at a Cyclocross Clinic. I didn't have a plan except I was invited to come to the clinic.

I can confirm that the FS100 is indeed a camera. I had it for the weekend and really didin't get a chance to rig it to my liking. I was most curious about how it handled in general, how it handled motion and how it handled being run around with all fracking day in full heat and humidity, it was rather hot. I only used one battery and shot from 8:30 until 7pm.

In order to shoot at a 2.8-1.4 in various lighting conditions I had to use a 1.2 ND and 0.3 ND filter stacked in a Cokin p-filter holder (note to self, buy mattebox asap) and it worked out rather well. The camera is astonishingly well suited for low light but really, really, really, should have had ND built in. You'll see where it blows out occasionally when the sun comes from behind a cloud killing shots, but I used em anyway.

I shot in the AbelCinetech HiLite Picture Profile and the footage is pretty much undisturbed except for a the first half or so where I put Curves on just to look at range and for the hell of it.

Not really a proper edit, I am still learning Premiere and that still feels like brushing someone else's teeth. But I figured that it would be best if something was edited before I forgot I shot this...(its happened). So I am getting something out there for my (CycloCross) people since this will most likely make them all hot and bothered and ready to run around in spandex at a European tractor pull.

Hup. Hup. Buttercup. (as they say in the Boulder)

Shooting the JPOW with the FS100.  Testing the real world application of another Super35 camera from Sony.

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